Curriculum Vitae

2002 Specialization studies in video art, Tampere Polytechnic, School of Art and Media, Finland
1998 MA, Fine Art, University of Wales Institute, Cardiff, Faculty of Art, Design and Engineering, School of Fine Art, UK.
1997 Equivalent of BA Fine Art, The Free Art School, Helsinki, Finland.

2008 Master of Political Sciences, The University of Helsinki, Finland.
2008 Specialization studies in pedagogics, The University of Helsinki, Finland.

2017 RECOLLECTION, Gallery Forum Box, Mediabox, Helsinki, Finland.
2011 WOUNDED ANGEL, Artists’ Studio Gallery, Helsinki.
2010 TWO ROOMS AND A KITCHEN, Jetty Barracks Gallery with Pirjetta Brander, Helsinki Finland.
2007 INNOSENCE, Gallery Bakeliittibambi, Helsinki, Finland.
2005 JUULIA – JULIET 3, The Studio of Helsinki Kunsthalle, Finland.
2004 BACKSTAGE MENU, Gallery 5, Center of Visual Arts, Oulu, Finland.
2004 JUULIA – JULIET, videoinstallation, Rajatila Gallery, Tampere, Finland.
2003 HEIDI ROMO, paintings, photographs and a video piece, Titanik Gallery, Turku, Finland.
2003 A KITCHEN AND A DRESSING ROOM, Uusitalo Gallery, Helsinki, Finland.
2002 DRESSED UP AS A HUMAN BEING, Galleri Kakelhallen, Mariehamn, Åland, Finland.
2000 ON THE CORPOREALITY OF PAINTING, Kipinä Gallery, Lahti, Finland.
2000 PAINTINGS, Art Goes Kapakka, Sauna Bar, Helsinki, Finland.
1998 VANKILA, THE PRISON, The Gallery of The Finnish Academy of Arts, Helsinki, Finland.
1997 RUUMISHUONE, THE MORTUARY, Cablefactory’s Gallery, Helsinki, Finland.

2019 VIDEOFORMA 7 -festival, Kuryokhin Center, St. Petersburg, Russia.
2019 IN THE VERY ACT, Galleries  Valo and Katve in Arktikum Science Centre and Museum, Rovaniemi, Finland.
2019 ARTFAIR, Cable Factory, Helsinki, Finland.
2017 IDENTITY, K41 Gallery, Brussels, Belgium.
2017 XXII MÄNTTÄ ART FESTIVAL, Mänttä, Finland.
2017 FINLAND 100/AV-ARKKI, video screening curated by The Finnish Institute of Madrid on tour in Latin America, Spain and Portugal.
2017 MEDIA ART at Arts Night, AV-ARKKI, Cable Factory, Helsinki, Finland.
2016 LET´S EAT, K.H. Renlund Museum, Kokkola, Finland.
2015 REUNION, Gallery Poriginal, Pori, Finland.
2014 REUNION, Porvoo Kunsthalle, Porvoo, Finland.
2014 HEPONAUTA, Hyvinkää Art Museum, Hyvinkää, Finland.
2013 LUST OF LIGHT/VALON HOUKUTUS, photography 2013, Lahti Art Museum, Lahti, Finland.
2013 ABSENCE/POISSAOLO, Magito Gallery, Helsinki, Finland.
2012 ARTISTS 2012, The annual exhibition of The Artists’ Association of Finland, Kunsthalle, Helsinki, Finland.
2012 NAUGHTY/NICE, Gallery Katariina, Helsinki, Finland.
2012 MAASTA TULLUT, Galleria Palsa, www.galleriapalsa.net, Finland.
2011 VOISITKO NÄHDÄ NÄIN? Free Art School 75th Anniversary Exhibition, Amos Anderson Art Museum, Helsinki, Finland.
2011 NO TRICKS, MUU Gallery, Helsinki, Finland.
2011 VILJELKÄÄMME PUUTARHAAMME, Vapaa Taidekoulu, Helsinki, Finland.
2010 NORD ART, International Exhibiton KiC, Kunst in der Carlshütte, Germany.
2010 VIDEO SCREENING, on feminist art, Arts Academy of Tallinn, Estonia.
2010 I’M HUNGRY FOR ART, Äkki Gallery, Jyväskylä, Finland.
2010 PRIDE, Ant Gallery, Helsinki, Finland.
2009 DRAWING ROOM, Artists’ Studio Gallery, Helsinki, Finland.
2009 VINOKINO Film Festival, Turku and Helsinki, Finland.
2008 BUTTERFLY CAUGHT, Tiina Heiska and STORM, Heidi Romo, l’Usine Galerie, Brussels, Belgium.
2008 ART TAKES THE STREETS, Valencia, Spain.
2008 TAMPERE FILM FESTIVAL, Tampere, Finland.
2008 EIGHT KNOTS, Rauma Art Museum, Finland.
2007 LA FAMILIA, La Sala Naranja, Valencia, Spain.
2007 THREE PLANETS, Hukkataival – Lehtonen – Romo, Aboa Vetus Ars Nova, Turku, Finland.
2007 JOURNEY, Forum Box, Helsinki, Finland.
2007 JOURNEY II, Porvoo Kunsthalle, Finland.
2006 VIDI VAL, Valencia, Spain.
2007 FEAR, Varkaus Art Museum, Finland.
2006 MADE IN VIDEO, Chamber of Public Secrets, Copenhagen, Denmark.
2006 KUVATTAVAN HYVÄÄ, Museum Of Photography, Helsinki, Finland.
2006 TERRORTORY, Dutch-Finnish Urban Art Project, Helsinki, Finland.
2006 FANTASTIC FINNISH VIDEO ART, Skulpturenshus, Stockholm. Sweden.
2006 FRAGILE, Association of Scandinavian Artists, Konstnärshuset, Stockholm, Sweden.
2005 FRANCE-GERMANY by HTS, Palais de Universitaire, Strasbourg, France, Produzentengalerie Offenburg, Germany.
2005 KONSTPAUSER, Stockholm Pride, Svart Kaffe, Stockholm, Sweden.
2005 GROUP of Helinä Hukkataival, Henrietta Lehtonen and Heidi Romo, Kakelhallen, Mariehamn, Åland.
2005 FORCES OF LIGHT, Art In Urban Space, Helsinki, Finland.
2005 LABYRINTH, Fiskars, Finland.
2005 70 YEARS Of Free Art School, Jubileum Exhibition, Cablefactory, Helsinki, Finland.
2004 FRAGILE, Association of Scandinavian Artists, Rantakasarmi, Helsinki, Finland.
2004 UUDET MAAN KUVAT, regional show of Uusimaa, Artfactory Porvoo, Finland.
2004 MINI 3, a group show of Helsinki Artists’ Association, Katariiina Gallery, Helsinki, Finland.
2003 BIENNAL OF YOUNG ARTISTS, The Fine Arts Society, Helsinki Kunsthalle, Finland.
2003 BILLBOARD PROJECT, Copenhagen, Denmark.
2003 FACES -group show, Heinola Art Museum, Heinola, Finland.
2003 VIRTAA/STRÖMMA, regional show of Uusimaa and Itä-Uusimaa, Artfactory, Porvoo, Finland.
2003 KEKSI, an international exhibition by Artists Association Of Lahti, Artbrewery, Lahti, Finland.
2003 Tiina Heiska and Heidi Romo, Mältinranta Art Center, Tampere, Finland.
2002 Naantalin Taidehuone, Naantali, Finland.
2001 PAINTINGS ON THE CORPOREAL LANDSCAPE, Galleria Petra Raasio, Joensuu, Finland.
2000 MINI, a group show of Helsinki Artists’ Association, Katariiina Gallery, Helsinki, Finland.
2000 STORM, a group-show of young Finnish artists, Nevograph Gallery, St. Petersburg, Russia.
1999–2000 MAALAUS, MÅLNING, PAINTING, The 70th Anniversary Exhibition of The Finnish Painters´ Union, Amos Anderson Art Museum, Helsinki, Finland.
1999 BOXING, a group-show of Muu Ry., Myyrmäkitalo, Vantaa, Finland.
1998 M.A. SHOWS CARDIFF, MA-Fine Art Final Show, UWIC, Cardiff, UK.
1997 RIITELIJÄT, The Final Show of The Free Art School, Helsinki, Finland.
1996 COMMENT, The Annual National Young Artists’ Exhibition, Espoo, Finland.
1995 NAISEN NAURU, The Annual Female Artists’ Exhibition, Turku, Finland.

Finnish National Gallery.
Kiasma, Museum of Contemporary Art, Finland.
Helsinki Art Museum, Finland.
Paulo Association, Finland.
Wihuri Foundation, Finland.

2000 A grant of recognition, the jury of The Fine Arts Society, Finland.
1997 The first prize in a nominee art-competition by the Finnish Paulo Association.
1996 Jury’s award, The National Young Artists’ Exhibition, COMMENT, Espoo, Finland.

2017 MUISTO – RECOLLECTION, full HD, 6 min 20 sec, composer Katja Lampela.
2007 STORM, hdv onto hd-datadisc, 6 min 50 sec, sound by Simo Heiskanen.
2007 IN-BETWEEN, hdv onto hd-datadisc, 2 + 2 minutes
2005 JUULIA – JULIET 3, 8 mm film and mini DV on DVD, 5 min 11 sec.
2005 MEMOIRS OF TOUCH, DVcam on DVD, 2 minute loop.
2003-2004 JUULIA – JULIET 1, 8 mm film and mini DV on DVD, 4 min 20 sec.
2003-2004 JUULIA – JULIET 2, 8 mm filmi and mini DV on DVD, 4 min 36 sec.
2002 MAKE UP YOUR MIND, Dv-cam, 3 min 31 sec.
2002 BE A GOOD GIRL, Dv-cam, 7 min 45 sec.
2000 CHERRYTREE, Dv-cam, for Tuomo Railo’s choreography, Glims&Gloms Dance Company.
1998 PRISON , 8 mm film on beta cam, 2 min.
1998 LIBERTY, 8 mm film on beta cam, 2 mi
1998 VISCERA 1, 8 mm film on beta cam, 3 min.
1998 VISCERA 2, high8 on beta cam, 2 min.

2017 AVEK, The Promotion Centre for Audiovisual Culture, Finland.
2012 The Artists’ Association of Finland.
2010 Helsinki City Arts council, Finland
2010 The Arts Council of Finland.
2008 The Cultural Foundation of Finland.
2007 Oskar Öflunds Stiftelse, 8 Knots group.
2007 Föreningen Konstsamfundet ,8 Knots group.
2006 The Arts Council of Finland, 8 Knots group.
2005 Helsinki City Arts council, Finland.
2005 The Arts Council of Finland.
2004 The Arts Council of Finland.
2003 Finnish Artists’ Association.
2003 The Cultural Foundation of Finland.
2002 Alfred Kordelin’s Foundation.
2002 Oskar Öflunds Stiftelse.
2002 Föreningen Konstsamfundet.
2001 The Cultural Foundation of Finland.
2000 The Finnish Ministry of Education.
2000 The Arts Council of Finland, a grant for the Storm group.
1999 The Arts Council of Finland.
1998 The Cultural Foundation of Finland.
1997 The Cultural Foundation of Finland.

2007 Videoworks for “The Parrots” -choreography by Simo Heiskanen, Glims&Gloms Dance Company, Espoo, Finland.
2005 Residency in New York, USA, Finnish Foundation for Visual Arts.
2003 Residency in Athens Greece, Finnish Artists’ Association.
2002 Photographs of filming a video piece to the installation ”An Isle and Other Cuts” by Björn Aho, Cablefactory’s Gallery, Helsinki, Finland.
2000 A Video piece and the dress design for The Cherrytree -choreography by Tuomo Railo, Glims&Gloms Dance Company, Espoo, Finland.
2000 On The Corporeality of The Act of Painting, a performance, Halosenniemi Museum, Tuusula, Finland.
1999 On the Corporeality of the Act of Painting, a performance, The 70th Anniversary Exhibition of the Finnish Painters´ Union, Amos Anderson Art Museum, Helsinki, Finland.
1999 On the Performativity of the Act of Painting, a presentation, Studia Thalia lecture series by Kassandra 2000 project and the Finnish Theatre Academy, Theatre Raivoisat Ruusut, Helsinki, Finland.
1998 A presentation, ELIA (European League of Institutes of the Arts) Conference, The Finnish Academy of Arts, Helsinki, Finland.

2015-2016 Memberf ot The National Council for Visual Arts, Arts Promotion Centre Finland.
2005-2008 Member of The Selection Committee of The Young Artist Of The Year, Finland.
2004-2007 Vice chairman of MUU ry. members’ board.
2004-2005 Vice representative at Finnish Artists’ Association’s board.
2003-2004 A board member of MUU ry.
AV-arkki, Distribution Center For Finnish Media Art.
MUU ry, interdisciplinary artists’s association.
Finnish Photographers’ Union.
Finnish Painters’ Union.
The Association of Artists in Helsinki.